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We are currently supplying plant based cheeses from Honestly tasty.

A vegan food start-up based in Haringey, Honestly Tasty was founded by Mike when his veganism came up against his love for cheese. After months of experimenting, Mike landed on a winner, Veganzola. From there, the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed protagonist closed the door on his corporate banking life and founded Honestly Tasty. Fast forward two years and Honestly Tasty offers authentic cheese alternatives, stocked both online and through our wonderful stockists. Last but not least, with the growth of the business Mike managed to rope in his sister Beth to help run the show.

Veganzola £6.00 100g

An authentically blue gorgonzola style cheese.

Matured over several weeks and made with real Penicillium Roqueforti, Veganzola is a something new. A smooth but firm almond based cheese with the distinct blue taste you've been missing.

[Allergens in BOLD]: Coconut Oil, ALMONDS, Tapioca Flour, Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Carrageenan, Agar, Lactic Acid

Shamembert £8.00 160g

A staple for any cheeseboard, Shamemberts have an indulgently creamy centre, infused with truffle oil to create rich, earthy tones. Styled on Camembert, Shamemberts have an authentic rind which makes them perfect for baking, ideally with a loaf of crusty bread to hand.

[Allergens in BOLD]: Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, ALMONDS, Tapioca Flour, Miso (SOY), Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Carrageenan, White Truffle Flavoured Olive Oil

Herbivoursin £5.50 115g

Herbivoursin is our vegan alternative to Boursin (Herbi-voursin geddit?) We have recreated the signature summer cheese right down to the texture, slightly crumbly while still creamy, and mixed it with the perfect blend of garlic, chives and fresh parsley.

[Allergens in BOLD]: CASHEW NUTS, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Canola Oil, Salt, Almonds, Carrot Juice, Sunflower Lecithin, Black Pepper, Garlic, Herbs, Lemon Juice, Natural Flavouring, Potassium Sorbate

Insteaddah Cheddah £5.40 125g

Insteaddah Cheddah is a spreadable mature cheddar alternative. Boasting a sharp and tangy taste, Insteaddah Cheddah can be used as part of a silky cheese sauce or spread into a hearty ploughman's.  

[Allergens in BOLD]: CASHEW NUTS, Coconut Oil, White Miso (SOY), Nutritional Yeast, Onion, Salt, MUSTARD, Potassium Sorbate

Please note: 

Our products are fresh so please consume them within the required amount of time (found on their label) 

Please store them in your refrigerator when you get home. 

We have a lot of ingredients on site so we cannot guarantee that products are free from cross contamination. We do not have any dairy or meat products on site at all. 

We cannot currently accept any preorders for collection, the shop is stocked daily with a limited amount of products so we do work around the phrase "first come first serve" and once it has gone, it's gone.