We do a range of different sandwiches - each with a different FAUX deli meat and all prepared fresh, every morning for you to grab and go. 

Our sandwiches change every few months but until the end of November we have the following available:

Faux Roast Beef, Honestly Tasty Blue Cheese, Sliced Onion and Tomato with Salad. 

Faux Truffle & Sage Turkey with Sticky Fig Chutney and Honestly Tasty Bree with Salad.

Faux Pastrami with Red Slaw, Applewood Smoked Vegan Cheese and Salad.

FAUX Meats & Cheeses

Our Faux Meat selection changes seasonally so the best thing to do is pop in store to see what goodies with got in that month! 

Our Favourites that you can always find in our Deli Counter are:



Truffle & Sage Turkey

Pork Belly

Chicken Thighs

Black Pudding

We started off with a small collection of cheeses at Faux but it's grew to the point where we now have our own dedicated cheese fridge!

We stock from 3 main companies that all offer something different, and that create wonderful, artisan 'cheeses' that will completely blow you away!

You can find Honestly Tasty, I Am Nut Okay and Kinda Co in our fridges!


We stock some gorgeous products from some seriously fantastic companies. You can find the likes of Sauce Shop, Blendsmiths, Galloway Lodge, Matthews Preserved and more! We are constantly adding to our retail range, so come and have a nosy today!