Welcome to FAUX!

Vegan food has been something we are constantly witnessing increase for everyone in the UK. Both supermarkets and restaurants are now offering an enormous range of plant based products. We've noticed more and more people willing and interested in trying a plant based diet. Irrespective of the lockdown, awareness around food is now at an all-time high. Naturally with the introduction of environmental documentaries and social media, people seem to be more aware and more interested in understanding where their food comes from. People have also had a little more time at home in the kitchen and are realizing that eating food made from plants can be a lot more interesting than what
we all first thought. This combined with good quality alternatives means it has never been easier for people to make a simple change to their diet.
We have had countless meat-eaters visit FAUX who are interested in making a little change to their diet. Naturally at FAUX we are focused on providing meat alternatives that not only taste good, but is helping do good too.

“Both Lauren and I enjoy the taste and texture of meat, we just don't agree with how it arrives on our plates. For this reason, if we can create cruelty free food that still ticks a box for a craving of something meaty in both taste and texture then it can only be for the greater good.


Lauren and Ritchie, Owners of No.Twelve Eldon Chambers and FAUX Butchers and Delicatessen